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Review: Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover

The Thirsties Duo Cover snap, though it is not the first cover I reach for, is very nice. I have the “honeydew” color and it is a great color and a great diaper!! I have never had any leaks with my Thirsties.

I received the “blackbird” Thirsties cover in Velcro as a gift. I love the feature of Velcro (so easy to use!) and the small size fits new babies so well! It was definitely the best fit in the early weeks of my baby’s life. Unfortunately, he will likely grow out of it by 4 1/2 months.

I would caution against using this cover until after the Umbilical Stump falls off and heals completely. I used on my 2 week old before the stump was completely off, and it actually rubbed against his stump, irritating it. This did create minor issues.

You have to check out the colors and designs on Thirsties – so cute!! A good cover for the value! Just use caution in those first 2 weeks.

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