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Review: The Natural Baby Co. Basic Diaper Pail Liner & Laundry Wet Bag

I love my wet bag and like my pail liner. I carry my wet bag with my dirties in it while I’m out and have never had a problem with leaks inside my bag or smell. It’s small yet generous enough to carry 3-4 diapers if necessary. The colors are great and I’m happy with the material. I’ve washed it a few times and it’s held up great. I like the convenience of the drawstring as it works well when trying to get dirty diapers in with one hand!

The main negative for the pail liner is it’s size given my intended use. I bought this for the purpose of hanging over a hook. It’s not the best product for this as it is VERY BIG. I do my laundry ever other day so by the time there are 2 days worth of diapers in there it’s pretty heavy. However, even with the strain of the weight it has stayed in great shape – so it’s durable and can withstand a great deal of “pull”.

I can see it would be great for using for a pail, I just prefer to hang mine up due the set-up of my home. I do my wash in the basement so I just throw my dirty diapers into buckets going down the stairs – one for poohs, one for pees, and one for used covers that aren’t dirty but still need a wash. I then just carry the buckets to the bottom of the steps on laundry day. I can see how the Diaper Pail Liner would work great for people not having a separate basement area, and needing to carry their dirty’s a longer distance. So give this consideration and figure out what works best for you.

The large liner does come in handy when traveling with cloth. We went on a 3 day trip and used cloth all the while. As the diapers got dirty I’d toss them into my large pail bag. Even with 80-90 degree weather with the pail bag sitting in the car with dirty diapers all the while, they never got stinky one bit! So if you do plan to travel with cloth then I’d recommend this bag as it holds a lot!!

Another plus to the liner is that it is washable and does up well, which makes it easier than having to clean a bucket out. I did a ton of research before buying these products. These bags are pretty colors at a comparatively low cost. For the value, the best bags I’ve seen.

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