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The Wonder of Usborne Books

While researching for great homeschool books I was introduced to the wonder that is Usborne! I love the books so much that I’m hosting an Usborne Book party on Fri, Oct. 22nd at 11:30am! The great thing is that I have an online e-show, so you can order books even if you can’t come to my party. Please check out my site: Lots of great books for kids! Check out some of my and my kids’ favorites “Ted and Friends”, “How to Draw”, “Very First Reading” and “Top 50 Best Sellers”. Also lots of science, geography, etc. Several of the Usborne books are recommed by Son Light and other living books companies so guess I’m not the only one who loves them!! If you have some Usborne books already, please post your recommendations! Thanks y’all!

Great Resource for Unit Studies and Lapbooks

A friend told me about this site a couple of weeks ago. It’s a really great source of information for homeschool moms! Take a look at their information on unit studies and lapbooks. If you’re a homeschool mom you’ll definitely fall in love with this site – will save you a ton of time in preparation so you can focus on what you do best – running your home, teaching your kids, and just living and loving  life!

Cool Science Products Online

I came upon the Steve Spangler Science site recently and fell in love with a number of their items. After researching a few different sites in search of reasonable, good quality science materials I placed an order with Steve Spangler! They are a quick turn around company with some really cool materials available. Take a look – you’ll no doubt find some interesting things for your budding  Scientists (or even yourself!!) I ordered the Baby Soda Test Tube bottles Item #: WBSB-500. For only $5.95 plus S&H I got 6 test tubes, a rack, and an activity guide! I also ordered the Fizzy Tints Color Fizzers – 100 tablets for $4.95. Let me know what you think! Or if you know of other great companies, let me know that too!

Curriculum for a First Time Homeschooling Mom

Summer is coming to an end, which means moms and dads will soon be making their annual shopping expeditions to buy kids’ school supplies, new clothing, lunch boxes, book bags, and more.  For me, it’s bitter sweet to think that I will not be making this trek this year. This fall I will be a first year home school mom! 

It’s pretty overwhelming at first to open up that first “How to Home School” manual, trying to discern what the important lessons are you need to know. What am I supposed to cover? What type of learner do I have? What type of school do we want to ‘run’? What will this mean for our family and home life? And perhaps scariest of all, what are the legal ramifications? Can I really do this? Will I have the stamina and perseverance to see this through? Or will I be showing up on the Superintendants door step in January begging him to take my kids back into school!!! : ) 

I actually began thinking about and researching this option about 2 years ago when my daughter was just starting preschool. Now my daughter is starting first grade, my son is starting preschool, and my baby is just over two months old! I’ve been up and down about the whole decision but just recently I’ve felt a real sense of inner peace. I am resting in the fact that I’m not doing this on my own… God is there helping me along the way.

It can seem overwhelming at first but once you have a handle on things it doesn’t seem so scary, and really seems like a lot of fun!! There is so much out there in the way of information. Instruction and decisions galore! So I thought I’d share just a bit of what I’ve learned and the where I’m leaning toward curriculum in case there are others just starting to think about things, or perhaps forced into this decision at last minute and really not knowing where to begin.

When I began researching home schooling I asked everyone I knew what style of teaching and curriculum they used.

I located nearly all my materials on sale through either or used on Amazon. So my materials ended up being pretty reasonable, under $200 on curriculum for 2 kids! (My little one will be able to use the same materials when he gets older too!) Of course, I’m sure I’ll want to purchase some other books through the year(s) as well as materials for Science Experiments and Field Trips. I plan on making quite a few trips to the library too!

A lot of the moms around here go with the Charlotte Mason or “living books” method. That seems really interesting to me but in the end I decided to go with a bit more structure to ensure I was hitting all the bases, at least for this first year while I’m such a “newbie”.

So after hours and hours of research and reading reviews, here is the curriculum I decided upon. Perhaps you will find it helpful:

Horizon Math 1 (available at

Rod & Staff Language Arts for 1st Grade and Preschool.

So we have utilitized some of the drills/ideas from: “Teach your child to read in 100 Easy Lessons” and supplement with flash cards on phonics and sight words. I also bought the Bob Books, Set 1, Beginning readers and Nora Gaydos, “Now I’m Reading, Playful Pals, Level 1.”   

History for Little Pilgrims (Available at

Social Studies: This will serve as my “roadmap” and I’ll branch off and go into more depth using books on America, George Washington, etc.

Early Bird Start-up Science Vol. 1-4:

My kids love to do science experiments so we will be supplementing with these books:
Usborne Book of Science Activities Vol. 1

Super Science Concoctions

Lastly, I picked up a couple of “Big Preschool” and “Big First Grade” workbooks from

There are so many great looking programs out there! It is refreshing to have the opportunity to tailor your child’s (children’s) education according to his/her own likes, needs, etc! We are really looking forward to this school year!