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Review: Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover

The Thirsties Duo Cover snap, though it is not the first cover I reach for, is very nice. I have the “honeydew” color and it is a great color and a great diaper!! I have never had any leaks with my Thirsties.

I received the “blackbird” Thirsties cover in Velcro as a gift. I love the feature of Velcro (so easy to use!) and the small size fits new babies so well! It was definitely the best fit in the early weeks of my baby’s life. Unfortunately, he will likely grow out of it by 4 1/2 months.

I would caution against using this cover until after the Umbilical Stump falls off and heals completely. I used on my 2 week old before the stump was completely off, and it actually rubbed against his stump, irritating it. This did create minor issues.

You have to check out the colors and designs on Thirsties – so cute!! A good cover for the value! Just use caution in those first 2 weeks.

Review: The Natural Baby Co. Basic Diaper Pail Liner & Laundry Wet Bag

I love my wet bag and like my pail liner. I carry my wet bag with my dirties in it while I’m out and have never had a problem with leaks inside my bag or smell. It’s small yet generous enough to carry 3-4 diapers if necessary. The colors are great and I’m happy with the material. I’ve washed it a few times and it’s held up great. I like the convenience of the drawstring as it works well when trying to get dirty diapers in with one hand!

The main negative for the pail liner is it’s size given my intended use. I bought this for the purpose of hanging over a hook. It’s not the best product for this as it is VERY BIG. I do my laundry ever other day so by the time there are 2 days worth of diapers in there it’s pretty heavy. However, even with the strain of the weight it has stayed in great shape – so it’s durable and can withstand a great deal of “pull”.

I can see it would be great for using for a pail, I just prefer to hang mine up due the set-up of my home. I do my wash in the basement so I just throw my dirty diapers into buckets going down the stairs – one for poohs, one for pees, and one for used covers that aren’t dirty but still need a wash. I then just carry the buckets to the bottom of the steps on laundry day. I can see how the Diaper Pail Liner would work great for people not having a separate basement area, and needing to carry their dirty’s a longer distance. So give this consideration and figure out what works best for you.

The large liner does come in handy when traveling with cloth. We went on a 3 day trip and used cloth all the while. As the diapers got dirty I’d toss them into my large pail bag. Even with 80-90 degree weather with the pail bag sitting in the car with dirty diapers all the while, they never got stinky one bit! So if you do plan to travel with cloth then I’d recommend this bag as it holds a lot!!

Another plus to the liner is that it is washable and does up well, which makes it easier than having to clean a bucket out. I did a ton of research before buying these products. These bags are pretty colors at a comparatively low cost. For the value, the best bags I’ve seen.

My Take on gDiapers

The gDiaper was the first cloth diaper I fell in love with. However, I must say that was before I had much knowledge on the “business” of cloth. WhenI found them in a store I LOVED the feel of them. They are sooo soft on the outside, and really cute! The cover goes up to far on newborns to be able to be safely used due to the umbilical cord stump. However, once the stump falls off the gDiaper can be used for a couple of weeks. However, at 2 months my baby began soaking through and his pooh would run out into the waterproof cover about every time he wore them. Granted, the poo generally does not come onto his clothes, but still if I can use a regular cloth diaper and have no mess except for what is caught in the diaper itself, why deal with the extra mess the gDiapers bring! So for what I spent on them (about $30 for a set of 2 which included the 2 covers, 2 plastic inserts, and about 6 cloth inserts) they were an expensive addition which didn’t work very well.

Granted, the idea is great — you can either use the cloth inserts or earth-friendly disposables — but the disposables are expensive enough that while living on a budget I just haven’t ever spent the money for them. A friend of mine did give me some of the disposable inserts and I used them while traveling when my baby was about 2 mos. I’d double fold them (as they were size large) and place them inside a regular waterproof cover as opposed to the gDiaper and honestly they worked great! I didn’t have any leaks and it was great to be environmentally friendly on the go. I didn’t have to deal with carrying around dirty diapers (just had to tote the covers around which really don’t get that dirty anyway!)

I basically keep the gDiapers as a last resort when all the other diapers are in the wash. I recently asked my husband what his least favorite diaper is, and he said “the ones that have all the pieces that you have to put together” (meaning the gDiaper set). It’s a cover with snap in waterproof inner liner followed by the cloth gLiner. So just three components but yet cumbersome when you are trying to get a little guy covered before he decides to “aim and fire” before he is fully diapered again!   

I must say I still love the idea of the gDiaper, and they are super cute! I admit, I’m proud to “show off” my little guy’s gDiaper by coupling it with just a t-shirt when we are at friends’ homes, because they are truly just so darned cute! My original draw to gDiapers was because I hated the feel of the regular covers and AIOs. However, I’ve sensed learned a valuable lesson – the feel of waterproof (PUL fabric) is worth getting used to!

As a final note, my daughter loves using the gDiapers with her dolls. She also had a fun time practicing diapering before her baby brother was born. So happy to say the money I spent on the set wasn’t completely wasted!

Note: I have a friend who loves gDiapers. She cloth diapers part-time and uses disposables the other times as her husband doesn’t fully “buy in” to cloth diapering. She has no complaints and says she has never had leaks. She uses them over prefolds.

ImseVimse Swim Diaper

I’m crazy about my ImseVimse Swim Diaper! I did a lot of reseach on swim diapers including some “field research” and wanted to post my findings for your perusal! As I take my newborn along with my older kids to an indoor pool pretty frequently, I wanted to make sure I had a swim diaper that contained any mess my baby might make.

ImseVimse Size Medium on 2 1/2 Mos. Old.

I had originally read posts about using plain covers as a swim diaper. As this made sense I gave it a try with varied success. On my first attempt I used a Kissaluvs Version 2.0 Fitted newborn diaper underneath a regular swimsuit. My baby did poo during our time in the pool and I’m happy to say the Kissa held it all in! I did try the Kissa on a couple of other occasions with no problems either time! 

We also tried a prefold under a swimsuit and to my embarassment, as my baby and I played I noticed some seepage. I rushed out of the pool (a bit too late) to find the prefold did not contain the newborn yellow poo.  

Alas, I decided to make the investment in a true swim diaper. As I said we frequent the pool and I wanted to be sure we weren’t going to contaminate the water. So after much research I decided upon the ImseVimse Swim Diaper ($13.70). There are so many cute designs to choose from with this diaper! I had read from other posts that people would recieve these diapers in the mail and think “There is no way my baby will fit in that!!” as they do look very trim/small upon receipt. However, I must say these fit great! I have a chubby baby and we love it. I went with the medium (15-22 lbs.) for my 2 and 1/2 mos. old (about 13-14 lbs.) as he is a chubby baby and I really wanted it to last for a few months. I’m glad I got the slightly larger size. It fits him perfectly, and should fit him up to 6 mos. 

I have never tried the regular ImseVimse products so the swim diaper is my only experience with this company, but I will likely try some of their diapers in the future.

Love my Tiny Tush!!

So after trying the Kissaluvs cotton terry newborn fitted cloth diaper I wanted to try some other brands for my growing baby. After a TON of research I decided upon 3 to try – the Kissaluvs Organic/Cotton Hemp M/L ($18.95 – size 10-40 lbs), the BabyKicks one size Organic ($19.95 – size 7-40 lbs), and the Tiny Tush One Size Hemp 4.0 ($17.95 – newborn to 35 lbs).

I must say I love my Tiny Tush Trim the best!! Don’t let the name of the diaper scare you. They aren’t called Tiny Tush b/c they are for small babies. I have a chubby baby (15 lbs. at 3 mos.) and he fits in them great. They are called Tiny Tush b/c they boast a trim fit! They are very absorbant without the bulk! I’ve tried them under numerous covers although they fit best under Blueberry or Flip type covers. I have a couple of small Thirsty’s and they are a bit of squeeze to get these fully covered under this cover.

This diaper is sooo soft and lots of snaps make it highly adjustable. I highly recommend this diaper!

Happy with my Kissaluv Organic Cotton/Hemp!

So after loving the way my Kissaluvs Verson 2.0 fitted newborn cloth diapers (approx. $12.95 for 5-15 lbs.) looked and felt on my baby I knew I wanted to buy some more! Unfortunately there was one thing I hated about the Kissaluvs – the minute my baby peed the entire fitted was soaked through! So he couldn’t wear them very long before having to change. Regardless, even given this huge downfall, I still recommend them because they are so cute, soft and fun!

Regardless, he grew out of his cotton terry newborns by 3 mos. (15 lbs.) so I wanted to try a larger size. I decided to go with the Kissaluv Organic Cotton/Hemp (approx. $18.95 for 10-40 lbs.) I must say I love these too! They fit well and have much room for growth for my chubby heavy-wetter and he can wear them a couple of hours before they are soaked through. I do think the Hemp is an improvement over the cotton terry. I have had no leaks so far!! I have used under several different covers including blueberry, thirsties and Flip with no problem.

3 1/2 mos. old in Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted

It’s very trim, elastic and has multiple snaps and overlapping wings for the perfect fit! They are good, fun to put on, and just darned cute! My husband prefers prefolds, but I personally love the nature of fitteds. So easy and fun to put on, and I like to be able to hold my baby in them for a short while without a cover just to feel the snuggly softness of this diaper! So the Kissaluv Organic Cotton/Hemp meets my and my baby’s need.  

So the title of this post is Happy with my Kissaluvs as it’s true I am happy with them. Could I be happier? Yes! I wish they could make them still more abosrbant but it’s likely the nature of fitteds ; )

Night time Diapering Success – No leaks!

I’m happy to say my days of changing my baby four to five times a night with pee covered jammies and sheets are over! It seemed I’d tried everything waking four to five times a night to change my saturated baby. At one point I even switched back to disposables for night time diapering, thinking that would help get him through the night. Even the disposables soaked through!

Bum Genius 4.0 on 3 1/2 Mos. Old.

After two months of searching I’ve found night time diapering success inside my AIO Bum Genius 4.0 with the two microfiber Inserts  that come with them! After putting my 2 1/2 month old baby in this diaper he began sleeping 4-6 hours straight – I actually began waking him up for feedings. After 4 hours of sleeping in this combination, I checked him expecting his jammies and bedding to be wet. I’m happy to say, my heavy wetter was completely dry even on the outside! The diaper touching him was virtually completely dry to the touch. When I pulled out the inserts they were completely wet! This is such a great diaper! The second night of him wearing this combination, he went 8 hours without waking! I finally went in to check on him and offer a feeding. Again, I checked him expecting to find pee-saturated sheets but not even a hiint of wetness existed!! When I checked his diaper it was only a tad wet!!! No more changing awkward crib sheets in the middle of the night for this mom of a heavy wetter!! We have achieved night time diapering success!! Thank you Bum Genius 4.0!

Bum Genius 4.0 Coupled w/ Leg Warmers - A Winning Combination for Nighttime Diapering Success!!

Now that he is 3 months old I use Bum Genius 4.0 exclusively as his bedtime diaper. I’ve tried other brands and nothing stays dry like this. I have 3 Bum Genius that I use at nighttime. Even though they aren’t saturated, I still change him at each feeding just to keep him as comfy as possible. I have just placed an order for 3 more Bum Genius 4.0 to add to my nighttime rotation in order that I don’t have to continue washing diapers daily – I’ll go to an every other day wash cycle.

I must say, I do HATE the feel of the microfiber inserts. They stick to my hands ( I have very dry skin) when putting them in but I have decided it’s a small price to pay to achieve nighttime diapering success! 

I will also say, with the two inserts this diaper is VERY bulky on my guy (3 mos. and 15 lbs.) So I don’t use this particular combination (Bum Genius with the 2 inserts) under clothes as he’d likely have a very big butt! I prefer trimmer diapers during the day. However for church or other special outings I do use the Bum Genius and just include one insert in the pocket.

Homemade Diaper Wipe Solution

Once you are using cloth diapers you really might as well use cloth wipes as well! Nothing quite like making your own diaper wipes so you know what exactly is going on your little baby’s bum! Once the wipe is used just roll it up with the dirty diaper and toss them together in your bin.

I recommend starting with a dozen BumGenius flannel wipes (less than $12). These wipes are sooo soft, and do up really well. You can also use baby washcloths but I find the flannel is much softer. I purchased a little airtight plastic container with a lid from Target for less than $5 which I make and store the wipes in.

My favorite concoction so far is 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon of Baby Wash (I’m currently using Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo), 1 tablespoon Baby Lotion (I’m currently using Aveeno Baby Fragrance Free Soothing Relief Moisture Cream) and 1 tablespoon Baby Oil (I like Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil). This solution is very gentle and sweet, and offers great results in cleanliness and softeness. I have never experienced any hint of diaper rash with this solution.

Mix the water with the three ingredients in the container. The lotion will not dissolve so you will have tiny little squiggles of lotion throughout container at this point. The next step is to coat all wipes equally. I do this by going through the wipes one by one, individually placing the center of each wipe (the focal point for which you will use when wiping your baby) into the solution. I do this individually in order to ensure they are all coated with the oils/lotions fairly equally. I then go back through the pile starting with one wipe and then one by one placing them neatly on top of each other taking care to place any that did not get very wet in between two that are more saturated. This amount of solution works well for about 18 wipes. I use a few of these for my “to go” container and the rest for my stash at home. The wipes generally last 2-3 days. I’ve read that you don’t want to keep them much longer than that as they may get moldy.

An added benefit of this mixture is that you always have fresh and clean wipes to use when you are on the go or at home! I often use them for my older children when we are out and about to clean faces, strollers, hands, etc. You can also use them for a quick “wipes bath” on your baby just to clean his face, hands, feet, etc. The solution smells so good!

There are some great mixtures on this website:

The first time I tried making my own wipes I only used water and Baby Wash. My baby actually did get a rash from this concoction. I realized after the fact that I used too much water and it was just too much moisture on my baby’s butt. I also did not use any cream or oil so I think it may have been a wee bit abrasive. Since using less water and adding the cream and oil I have had absolutely no problems!!

Note: Obviously homemade wipes would store well in a Pampers or Huggies Wipes container but as I was going through the effort of making homemade wipes I really didn’t want to advertise store-bought brands : )

Laundry Day

Washing diapers is really so fun, and best of all, it’s so easy to get great results! Many people keep their dirty diapers all together in one container until wash day, with no problem. However, I’m pretty organized by nature and like things clean and tidy. I like to keep my diaper supplies sorted in three separate buckets – 1 poo, 1 pee, and 1 for diaper covers and other accessories that are not very dirty but still need washed.

1st Wash: On laundry day (which for me begins about every other morning) I take the poo diapers and throw them into the washer, making sure any Velcro tabs are attached to their wash tabs. I put about 1-2 T of Planet 2X Ultra Detergent (available at most supermarkets) into the wash and run a cold cycle. Once that’s complete I take the washed diapers out and put them (still wet) in a clean pail while I wash the dirty pee diapers.

2nd Wash: I clean the pee diapers with about 1 T of Planet 2X or Rockin Green and put through a cold wash.

3rd Wash: Once the pee diapers are cleaned I put the cleaned poo diapers in with them and wash them all one last time in a hot/cold wash with an extra rinse. I usually put my covers that are not dirty but need freshened up in this washing too. I use 1/4 of the recommended amount of detergent – about 1-2 T of Planet 2X or Rockin Green.   

When I have extra time and energy on my hands I wash the “not dirty but still need washed” items by hand in a bucket with 1-2 Tablespoons of Planet 2X then hang to dry. I also sometimes fill the poo bucket with water just to cover, add a couple Tablespoons of Planet 2X and soak for about 30 minutes prior to washing.

If I’m trying to save time/steps, once I’ve cleaned the poo diapers, I will throw the pee diapers right in and clean them together on a second wash on hot/cold, thereby, cutting out the need for a 3rd wash. By doing this I’m cleaning my pee diapers with the cleaned poo diapers so they are swishing/swashing together with the pee water so it isn’t as santiary as doing 3 washes. However, I have done this on numerous occasion without problems.

I almost always hang my diapers to dry on a clothes line. I have never had any need to strip my diapers in the 3 1/2 mos. I’ve been doing cloth other than one time when my Bum Genius began leaking. To treat this problem, I put them through a wash with no detergent with an extra rinse. I haven’t had further problems since doing this so there must have just been some detergent built up on them.

If I’m doing the wash at night, I just leave the final load of clean items sitting in washer until morning at which point I then hang on the clothes line outdoors to dry. If I’m in desperate need for the items or if I’m greeted with a rainy day then I toss all the items in the dryer. I do have a clothes line in my basement which I sometimes hang the covers on if it’s too rainy but I have also thrown them in the dryer and have had no problems with wear/tear. Prefolds actually like the dryer, so you never have to feel guilty about drying these by machine! However, line drying in the sunshine is my preferred method!!!

I cannot recommend outdoor line drying enough!! Not only does it save on electric, the sun will brighten those prefolds, inserts and doublers and bleach any remaining stain right out of the white!!

I’ve been caring for my diapers in this manner for over 3 months now – starting at 2 weeks – and happy to say I have a great, clean diaper stash that looks brand new! My little guy is happy and so is mommy : ) Really a fun and enjoyable routine!

Diaper Pail Set-Up

The dirty diaper set-up area is going to vary based upon the set-up of your home and your diaper wash procedures. Some people use covered waste cans, others use regular diaper pails, others hang Diaper Pail Bags from the door. I initially purchased a Gro Via Diaper Pail Liner bag but it is HUGE!!! As I do my diaper laundry every day or two, I really don’t need something so big. I have a basement that is virtually only used for laundry so I just store the dirty diapers there. If you don’t have a basement and live in a home where the dirty diapers will be kept on a “main floor” until laundry day then I can see that the bag would definitely come in handy!! If you tossed all your items into the bags then you could just tote the bags to the laundry machine on cleaning day. I find that it is easier just to toss the dirty diaper laundry in buckets as opposed to put them in the bag. I throw the poopy diapers in a pickle bucket. The just-peed-in diapers in another little bucket. And the just-needing-washed plain diaper covers (as long as they are not dirty or pee saturated) in the Diaper Pail bag. It would really be easier to just put the just-needing-washed covers in a little bucket too. But since I bought the Liner I figured I might as well use it : ) This method of sorting keeps my laundry separated and organized for laundry day!